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              DotZilla   v1.0 User Guide and Help
Info - TAP to go to the app info page for version number and website link.

How To Play - TAP to go to the How To Play page with detailed help and instructions.

Play - TAP to go to the main page to play DotZilla!

Scene Tiles - Scroll up/down to see available tiles. TAP and HOLD, then drag any tile onto the Scene. Let go to place the tile in the highlighted area. Add tiles until the entire Scene is filled. You cannot let a monster loose unless the Scene is completely filled and a Path has been created.

Save/Load Scene - Save or Load the current Scene at any time.

Load Scene Tiles - Change the Scene tiles between City and Farm.

Main Menu - Return to the Main Menu (startup) screen. NOTE: All in-progress scene layout and path will be lost - Save your scene or path before going to the Main Menu.

Add Dots - Select this button then tap on the Scene to create a path of destruction. You can tap the same tile up to 3 times for greater destruction.

Delete Dots - Select this button then tap on any dot to remove it.

Delete Path - TAP this button to remove ALL dots.

Save/Load Path - Save or Load the current path at any time.

Show/Hide Path - Toggle the visbility of the path.

Scroll Monster - Scroll the monster list up/down to see all 4 monsters.

Select Monster - TAP a monster to make it selected.

Play - TAP to let the monster loose and start the destruction!.

Pause - TAP to pause the destruction. TAP Play to continue.

Stop - TAP to stop the destruction. Once stopped the destruction will reset to the beginning.

Sound On/Off - TAP to toggle between sound on and off.

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