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              DoubleDot   v1 User Guide and Help
New Game - Start a new game at puzzle 1. This will replace any game in progress.

Load Game - Open a saved game. Your current game is automatically saved as you play. Only one game is saved.

Resume - Return to a game in progress.

? - Go to the How To Play page.

Stats - Go to the Statistics page.

i - Go to the App Info page.

Settings - Go to the Settings page.
How To Play - Scroll through the help description to see how to play.

Tutorial - Try the playable Tutorial to learn how to play.

Menu - Return to the main Menu screen.
Goals - Numbers at the top are your goals for each level. There can be 2, 3, or 4 numbers. Purchase harder goals from the Settings page.

Selected Dot - The value of the dot you are currently dragging.

Level - The current level.

Level Progress - Shows how close you are to completing the current level.

Restart - Start the current puzzle again.

Pause - Pause the game and go to the Menu.

Sound On/Off - Turn the sound On or Off.

Buy All Levels - All Levels (300 puzzles) are included - FREE.

Buy Harder Goals - All Goals are included - 60 additional Levels (600 total puzzles) - FREE.

Restore Purchases - All Levels and Goals are included!

Menu - Return to the main Menu screen.
Statistics Table - Scroll through the statistics table to review information about your gameplay.

Tap any row to read a description of the selected statistic.

Clear Stats - Deletes ALL statistics setting each one to zero (0).

Menu - Return to the main Menu screen.
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