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              MutantMaker   v1 User Guide and Help
Take Photo - Take a new photo.

Existing Photo - Open an existing photo from your device.

Flip Vertical - Flip the original image around a vertical axis.

Flip Horizontal - Flip the original image around a horizontal axis.

Toggle Mirror - Switch between mirroring around the horizontal or vertical axis.

Info - Go to the App Info page.
Original - An original image, automatically mirrored.
Save - After taking a new photo or opening an existing one, drag left-right or up-down to manipulate the image.

Pinch with two fingers to scale the image up or down.

Use the 'flip' buttons at the bottom of the screen to change the picture

When you are finished with your mutant, save the manipulated image.
Save Screenshot - Saves new image cropped as shown on-screen, at screen resolution.

Save Full Resolution - Saves new image at original resolution using full images (not cropped to screen edges).

Save Full Resolution Cropped - Saves new image at original resolution cropped as shown on-screen.

Cancel - Does not save the new image.

After saving a new image you will be given the option to share it.

NOTE: You must already be setup on your device with the necessary accounts for sharing to work.
Your available options may be different than shown here.

AirDrop - Share the new image using AirDrop.

Social Media - Shares the new image using one of the available methods on your device.

Destination - Output the new image to one of the available destinations shown.

Cancel - Do not share the new image. Note that if you saved it, but do not share it from MutantMaker, you can share it from your Camera Roll or Photo Album.

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